OH DEATH Where is Thy Sting? – Doug Kazen – 122 pages

As the title suggests this very worthwhile book centers on death as it relates to the Christian – one goes to be with the Lord while family and friends remain to grieve.In his forward the author says “—- to minimize the sorrow we must maximize our appreciation of the glorious hope. That hope must be a reality that is far more than theory in the minds and hearts of those who remain behind”.

While covering the usual areas associated with life, death, resurrection, rapture etc – and while devotional in part – a feature of this book is that it is also able to bring hope, encouragement and comfort to those grieving, from a sound doctrinal bases when touching on important truths not usually found in such a work. For instance, early on there is a very good chapter on election and towards the end further teaching on election in relation to the Church, the Lords Covenant with Israel, future blessings etc.