Believers Bible Commentary – William MacDonald – 2,383 pages

A massive single volume commentary covering Genesis to Revelation by a very faithful brother.

‘Written for people from every walk of life, the Believers Bible Commentary is clear and understandable enough for everyday use – turning complicated theology into practical understanding. Yet it also provides plenty of resource material for more advanced students, as well as for preachers, teachers and writers’.

Overall – apart from a few areas* – we recommend it as the best single volume commentary available today.  !!!!!!

* We cannot endorse the “Gap Theory” view (a supposed chaotic earth between Gen 1:1 and 1:2 caused by Satan). This requires an earlier creation (supposedly original) of an unknown duration before the 6-day creation recorded in Gen Ch 1 – and that the 6-day creation is a further creation, or a reconstruction or refashioned earth. It would also mean the creation of Satan and his fall was before the 6-day creation. This in turn colors ones thinking in other areas of scripture.