The Bible Prophecy Handbook – John R. Ecob – 413 pages

The Bible is unique, and surpasses all other books in that it alone contains the mind of God about the future. It is by far the oldest book in the world and its prophecies provide indisputable evidence of its divine origin.

The Bible Prophecy Handbook provides the student of God’s Word with a systematic, well-organized outline of much of the prophetic Scripture – with an overview of the Seven Dispensations of time, and outlines of Daniel, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Zephaniah, Zechariah and the book of Revelation.

Since all prophecy relates to Israel, the sketch of Jewish history in the appendix to the book provides invaluable background.

The book is well illustrated with charts and maps and it is interesting that a number of charts and comments, showing the Laodicean Church as being the end times Charismatic Church (in its prophetic aspect as the last period in this Church Dispensation), is an endorsement of our own view of the religious scene. For instance a sub-heading at page 246 reads: “The Charismatic, Ecumenical Church – Laodicea” followed by: “The last stage in the development of Christendom is described in the letter to the Church at Laodicea. It represents the 20th century apostate Church that will exist at the time Christ returns to catch away His Bride”.