Church History


The Big Picture of Church History – M. A Butler – 38 pages

‘The message of the seven letters to the seven churches of Asia has long been recognized as a prophetic outline of Church history. The character of each of the seven churches existing in the first century provides a panoramic view of Christendom in its seven stages from Pentecost to the Rapture. The Book of Revelation, seven times over, states that it is a book of prophecy and this alone suggests a prophetic interpretation. In each stage of Church history the decline or development of Christendom is portrayed on the fabric of time by the manner that Christ is revealed to each Church, the etymology of each name, and the behaviour of its members. In every phase there is a remnant of saved among the professing multitude. These are the born again believers in a system which has increasingly become apostate’.

Brief, concise, historically and prophetically sound, and with a few of John Ecobs helpful charts and diagrams.

Believers within this system described above will be called out (and up) at the Rapture but they are not meant to wait till then – the Lord calls each believer now to come out from the mixed multitude and as a local Church to be a separated people.