The Popular Bible Prophecy Commentary – 546 pages

Understanding the Meaning of Every Prophetic Passage

Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson – General Editors

Wayne A. Brindle – Associate Editor

Contributing Authors…

Mal Couch

Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Steven Ger

Randall Price

Commencing their Introduction the General Editors say…

BIBLE PROPHECY MAKES UP ONE-FOURTH of the written Word of God. Thus it is imperative that any serious study of the scriptures must include a proper understanding of this important area of inspired truth. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is filled with over one thousand predictive prophecies. Half of these have already been literally fulfilled, indicating that the other half will yet be literally fulfilled as well. It is these yet-to-be-fulfilled future prophecies that are the subject of this book.

Among the notable features are…

  • More than 500 easy-to-read pages of prophetic commentary
  • Useful charts, diagrams, and time lines that enhance clarity
  • Simple format for easy referencing
  • Helpful word definitions for greater understanding
  • Special attention to passages that are particularly difficult or important

Recommended as a generally faithful Commentary and a handy one to have alongside others.