Welcome to the Queenstown Bible Chapel

QBCThe Queenstown Bible Chapel assembly of Christians is an independent non-charismatic evangelical church, that holds the doctrine that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only Saviour for sinners. It acknowledges the Holy Scriptures as the final authority in all matters of faith and practice.

In operation, the church seeks to practice and uphold the New Testament pattern for local churches. The church is autonomous and responsible through its elders to the Lord. The church has no ordained minister or pastor and observes the principle of a “multiple ministry”. The church elders aim to provide a reliable and continuing programme of Bible teaching and sound doctrine, with its application to personal lives in today’s world. We own our building and are not under central control from an outside body.

The Queenstow Assembly is a group of everyday people who meet to worship God and to encourage each other to live the Christian life. We have a genuine passion for those who do not know Christ and are focused on seeking opportunities to share His love and message. We believe a church should function and feel like a close-knit family where loving relationships are developed and valued. We encourage this through Sunday services, meeting in small groups, and regular informal contact with each other throughout the week.

Underlying all this is our absolute commitment to God and His Word. So, you will hear the Bible taught, explained, and related to daily living as we together seek to live for Him.